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How Much Is That Doggie with The Asbo ?

There’s a new edition to the McCarthy household. Meet Jasper our pampered  pooch. Jasper’s an apricot and white cavapoo, a cross between a cavalier spaniel and a poodle. He’s not keen on Cava but boy does he like to poo.

His full name is Jasper George McCarthy. Is it unusual to give a dog a middle name? I think so, but my wife insisted. He’s named after Prince George, the royal baby. That’s because *woman talking to baby voice* –  ” You’re our little prince aren’t you Jasper, yes you are”.

Pet Area sign

I thought the middle name  was a stupid idea but then realised it was entirely appropriate  as he’ll be spoilt rotten, will never have to get a job and will be sponging off others for the whole of his life. Continue reading How Much Is That Doggie with The Asbo ?